photo by Kat SchleicherBayard Godsave has an MFA from Minnesota State University-Moorhead and he received his PhD in English from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. His fiction has appeared in, among other places, Cream City Review, Boulevard, and Gettysburg Review. Non-fiction has appeared in or is forthcoming at Pleiades, This Land, and the Writer’s Chronicle.  He is the author of the story collection Lesser Apocalypses (Queen’s Ferry Press, 2012), Torture Tree (Queen’s Ferry Press, 2014), and a chapbook, The Clay Eaters (Big Pasture Chaps, 2016). His novel manuscript, The Affinities, was awarded the 2017 Everett Southwest Literary Award. Bayard lives with his family in northern Wisconsin.


If you would like to contact Bayard, send a note to bayardgodsave@gmail.com.